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Explaining the Expenses of Commercial Business Litigation to Your Clients

Although most individuals understand that hiring a commercial business litigation attorney and pursuing a case in the Florida court system is an expensive process, most clients have a difficult time understanding how they end up spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and costs—especially if they do not prevail at the end of the case. To avoid frustration from your clients, it pays to explain in advance of litigation just how expensive this process becomes. Many attorneys tell their clients that a case may end up costing tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars... Read More

Using Mediation in Complex Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are time-consuming and often confusing cases for both clients and their attorneys. Contract disputes arise between individuals, between businesses, or, in some cases, between an individual and a business. These cases can sometimes involve dozens of parties, multiple issues, various jurisdictions, and mountains of paperwork. Although it may seem overwhelming to attempt to mediate one of these cases, it is entirely possible—and will likely lead to settlement. Contract dispute resolution, particularly mediation, settles a high percentage of cases in Florida. Once the parties to a dispute agree to try to resolve their differences in mediation, settlement becomes much... Read More

Mediation and Florida Family Business Divorces

Experienced business attorneys in Florida know that business divorces are often emotionally draining for the parties involved. When a business divorce occurs in a family business, however, these business divorces can further escalate and become even more tense and hostile. As an attorney, how can you help your clients resolve their dispute as painlessly as possible? These cases are the type that are well suited to mediation: there are many emotions involved and the parties’ relationship needs to be preserved. Although the attorneys have explained the possible outcomes of taking a case to trial to their clients, some clients simply... Read More

Explaining to Particularly Stubborn Clients the Advantages of Using a Florida Disputes Mediator

Every so often, an attorney has a client who simply refuses to even consider settling a case. Perhaps the client is concerned that he will be perceived as weak to the other party. Or, perhaps the client has been fighting for so long that there is no way he will change his mind. For a variety of reasons, it seems like these clients will never agree to a settlement. If you know that enlisting the services of a Florida disputes mediator is the best solution for a case, it may be difficult to convince your client that mediation should be... Read More