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Do You Need a Settlement Counselor in Florida?

Settlement counselors in Florida advise attorneys on various settlement strategies in their cases, as well as how they should conduct their settlement negotiations. Settlement counselors in Florida deliver valuable insight into a case, often providing counsel with new perspective into settlement opportunities the attorneys may have overlooked. Settlement counselors in Florida provide valuable assistance to trial counsel both in direct negotiations with opposing counsel and in preparing for and conducting negotiations at a mediation. Having an experienced mediator engaged as a settlement counselor to work hand in hand with trial counsel gives a party a huge advantage at a mediation.... Read More

Preparing to Mediate a Complex Contract Dispute in Florida

Mediating a complex contract dispute in Florida may seem overwhelming, even for the most experienced attorneys. Complex contract disputes may involve multiple businesses and individuals, as well as the careful analysis of various contract terms. Many complex contract disputes in Florida end up in state or federal court, where they linger for months or even years before they are finally resolved. However, mediation is also a viable option for these complex disputes. With proper preparation, you may secure a settlement agreement for your clients. First, unless litigation has already begun and reached the point where the pleadings clearly describe the... Read More

Using a Disputes Mediator in Florida to Strengthen Your Case

Although the goal of mediation is settlement, you should pay careful attention to your mediator during your session in case a settlement is not reached. Should your case go to trial, you will be better prepared if you are proactive during mediation. Many attorneys have used cues from disputes mediators in Florida to strengthen their court cases. Disputes mediators in Florida are beneficial not only for reaching settlement agreements, but also for perfecting one’s arguments for court. During mediation, the disputes mediator will discuss your case’s strong points, as well as its weak points. You should take detailed notes during... Read More

Improving Client Relations with Foreclosure Mediation in Miami

Losing a home to foreclosure is devastating and embarrassing for many homeowners.  Attorneys that represent these clients must not only inform them of their legal rights throughout this difficult process, but also must remain sensitive to the fact that these clients are possibly losing their homes.  Foreclosure mediation in Miami Florida allows these clients to resolve their cases quickly while saving money.  In some cases, foreclosure is completely avoided.  When you suggest foreclosure mediation in Miami Florida, your clients will benefit and they will reward you with many referrals. Foreclosure mediation allows your clients to stay in their homes while... Read More

Mediating Multi-Party Contract Disputes in Miami Florida

Contract disputes in Miami Florida often involve several parties, making these disagreements complicated and lengthy in nature.  Each party has its own arguments, theories, and evidence that must be carefully examined and analyzed by all attorneys in the case.  Attorneys who handle contract disputes in Miami Florida must often spend hours sifting through such documents as they prepare for hearings and trials. Although there are many parties to these disputes, mediation is still a viable option to resolve them. As with any mediation, the choice of mediator makes a tremendous difference in the outcome of the session.  Although many mediators... Read More