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Mediating Lien Contests in Florida

Lien contests can grow into complex disputes between property owners, homeowners’ associations, contractors, or even local governments. These cases can take a significant amount of time, tying up your firm resources and costing your clients money and time. Mediating lien contests in Florida allows the parties to settle their case as they see fit. Florida lien contest laws are confusing to most of the parties involved, so resolving these disputes quickly benefits each party. Plus, since mediation does not require the filing of a lawsuit, the contractor or builder’s name may be protected, and the homeowner will save legal fees.... Read More

How to Mediate Complex Business Disputes in Florida

Taking complex business disputes to trial can be quite a gamble. Such cases may be resolved in a variety of ways, depending on the judge and the members of the jury. Rather than risking an unfavorable ruling, many attorneys have turned to mediation to settle complex business disputes. Understanding how to mediate complex business disputes in Florida is essential to a successful session. Keeping a few points in mind as you prepare for mediation will increase your odds of settlement. First, you should be very careful in selecting a mediator. Although you and opposing counsel must agree on a mediator,... Read More

Mediating a Foreclosure Case in Miami

Most Florida foreclosure cases follow the same timeline: a homeowner misses several mortgage payments, the bank waits until that homeowner is at least 120 days behind on payments to initiate the foreclosure process, a court case is filed, and the formal foreclosure proceedings begin.  These cases are notoriously slow; it can sometimes take two and a half years to finalize a foreclosure case in Florida. Many attorneys who handle foreclosure cases in Miami have begun taking more of these cases to a mediator.  A high percentage of foreclosure cases actually settle at mediation.  The mediator helps the mortgage lender and... Read More

Business Clients and Mediation in Florida

Although mediation in Florida lawsuits has been successful in various areas of law, as an attorney, it is important to know how to maximize the benefits that mediation provides.  Some clients and cases lend themselves better to the mediation process than others.  Understanding when mediation is most beneficial for your cases will strengthen your attorney-client relationships and boost the reputation of your practice. When business disputes occur, it is important to act quickly.  Typically, the more time that passes after a dispute, the angrier the parties become, and the more difficult it will be to reach a settlement in the... Read More

The Benefits of Mediating Business Disputes in Florida

Most attorneys are familiar with the major benefits of mediation for their clients: it is cheaper than a trial, it is a more efficient means of resolving the case, it often settles the case much more quickly, and it is much less stressful for both the parties and the attorneys.  Most clients will welcome any opportunity to avoid a courtroom trial. However, mediation offers business disagreements many advantages that are exclusive to commercial disputes.  Many attorneys have sought the assistance of a disputes mediator in Florida to successfully mediate various types of business disagreements. Whether a business is small or... Read More