The Key to Successful Contract Dispute Resolution in Miami-Dade County

While the underlying law of contracts has evolved considerably since ancient times, the basics of the contract remain the same. Also remaining the same throughout history: The fact that at some point, a good many contracts are breached in some way or otherwise fall into contract dispute resolution in Miami or elsewhere. Language Interpretation The vast majority of cases involving contract disputes in Florida are caused by differing interpretations of contract language. Often, the party accused of being in breach legitimately believes that it has fully performed its material obligations under the contract and has otherwise acted in good faith.... Read More

Tenant Rights in Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Ft. Lauderdale

Whatever circumstances led your clients to rent in Florida, it is important they understand that it is not only the landlord who has responsibilities. While tenants have rights, they also have legal duties as well, and a lack of understanding of these duties leads to most landlord-tenant disputes in Ft. Lauderdale. Tenant Responsibilities Often, disputes between tenants and landlords can be resolved quickly and easily by educating the tenant and eliciting a promise to observe their duties in the future, including: To pay the agreed-upon rent as scheduled To comply with all housing and health codes To properly maintain the... Read More