Issues that Arise in Business Divorces in Miami Florida

Experienced business attorneys know that business divorces in Miami Florida are one of the most difficult ordeals business owners face.  Each case brings with it a unique set of facts and circumstances, causing business divorces in Miami Florida to vary from relatively straightforward and amicable to complicated, heated disagreements.  Anticipating difficulties that may arise during business divorces will strengthen your practice and ensure better results for your clients. Although business divorces are primarily between the partners of a company, you must make sure that employees are treated fairly as a business is being dissolved.  Often, employees are not prioritized properly... Read More

Preparing Clients for a Commercial Business Mediator in Miami

For many clients, meeting with a commercial business mediator in Miami Florida is intimidating and stressful.  Mediation has become so prevalent in the practice of law that many attorneys underestimate how overwhelming the process can be for their clients.  By discussing the mediation process with your clients, as well as what to expect from a commercial business mediator in Miami Florida, your clients will feel much more at ease, allowing them to focus on settling their cases. First, be patient with your clients as you explain the ins and outs of commercial mediation.  Business disputes are often emotional as well,... Read More

Common Setbacks Florida Commercial/ Business Litigation Attorneys Face

As an attorney in Florida, you understand that litigation almost always takes longer than predicted, much to the frustration and disappointment of your clients. Florida commercial litigation attorneys also face some delays and setbacks during the representation of their clients. Whether your Florida practice is just beginning to accept commercial business litigation cases or whether you have significant experience in this area, taking note of these issues will strengthen your skills as a practicing attorney. Although commercial litigation is perceived by many attorneys as a relatively less emotional area of legal practice, the truth is, many of these cases are... Read More

Selecting a Disputes Mediator for your Florida Case

Mediation is a pivotal point in your clients’ cases, no matter what type of disputes there may be. Since the goal of mediation is settlement, your clients are presented with the opportunity to participate in determining how their cases are to be resolved, a luxury that trial courts cannot afford them. In Florida, the ability of the disputes mediator selected to conduct the mediation will often make the difference between settling the case and declaring an impasse. There are a multitude of disputes mediators in Florida, but keeping a few points in mind will help you narrow your selection and... Read More

Mediation Techniques to Help Your Clients Settle Their Florida Cases

Florida mediation has proved successful in a vast array of cases, ranging from emotional custody battles to complicated environmental disputes. A successful mediation requires the efforts of the parties, their attorneys, and the mediator. To increase the likelihood of success in a Florida mediation session, there are several steps you may take. Typically, you speak for your client. In the courtroom, your clients usually do not have much opportunity to share their stories with the judge and jury, aside from the questions you ask while they are on the witness stand. In mediation, however, your clients have the chance to... Read More