Mediation and Florida Family Business Divorces

Experienced business attorneys in Florida know that business divorces are often emotionally draining for the parties involved. When a business divorce occurs in a family business, however, these business divorces can further escalate and become even more tense and hostile. As an attorney, how can you help your clients resolve their dispute as painlessly as possible? These cases are the type that are well suited to mediation: there are many emotions involved and the parties’ relationship needs to be preserved. Although the attorneys have explained the possible outcomes of taking a case to trial to their clients, some clients simply... Read More

Explaining to Particularly Stubborn Clients the Advantages of Using a Florida Disputes Mediator

Every so often, an attorney has a client who simply refuses to even consider settling a case. Perhaps the client is concerned that he will be perceived as weak to the other party. Or, perhaps the client has been fighting for so long that there is no way he will change his mind. For a variety of reasons, it seems like these clients will never agree to a settlement. If you know that enlisting the services of a Florida disputes mediator is the best solution for a case, it may be difficult to convince your client that mediation should be... Read More

Preparing for Mediation in Florida

Many Florida attorneys perceive mediation as just another step on the way to a trial. However, mediation should be treated as if it were a trial, since the outcome of the case is at stake and since a case is far more likely to be resolved at mediation than by means of a trial. You should study your entire file as you begin preparing for mediation in Florida. Be sure to review all pleadings, discovery, motions, deposition transcripts, notes, and other items that you have in your possession. Chances are, there may be a detail or two that you have... Read More

Successfully Mediating Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can involve however many parties are involved in a transaction, whether it is a deal among Fortune 500 companies or a simple agreement between two individuals. In most cases, contract disputes will lend themselves nicely to mediation, which will significantly increase the chances of settling the dispute. Mediation gives the parties a broader range of possibilities than a court can provide for resolving their dispute and can be tailored to meet the particular needs of all parties. To successfully mediate contract disputes in Miami Florida, you must ensure that every party and attorney has an understanding of the... Read More

Mediating Lien Contests in Florida

Lien contests can grow into complex disputes between property owners, homeowners’ associations, contractors, or even local governments. These cases can take a significant amount of time, tying up your firm resources and costing your clients money and time. Mediating lien contests in Florida allows the parties to settle their case as they see fit. Florida lien contest laws are confusing to most of the parties involved, so resolving these disputes quickly benefits each party. Plus, since mediation does not require the filing of a lawsuit, the contractor or builder’s name may be protected, and the homeowner will save legal fees.... Read More