Business Clients and Mediation in Florida

Although mediation in Florida lawsuits has been successful in various areas of law, as an attorney, it is important to know how to maximize the benefits that mediation provides.  Some clients and cases lend themselves better to the mediation process than others.  Understanding when mediation is most beneficial for your cases will strengthen your attorney-client relationships and boost the reputation of your practice. When business disputes occur, it is important to act quickly.  Typically, the more time that passes after a dispute, the angrier the parties become, and the more difficult it will be to reach a settlement in the... Read More

The Benefits of Mediating Business Disputes in Florida

Most attorneys are familiar with the major benefits of mediation for their clients: it is cheaper than a trial, it is a more efficient means of resolving the case, it often settles the case much more quickly, and it is much less stressful for both the parties and the attorneys.  Most clients will welcome any opportunity to avoid a courtroom trial. However, mediation offers business disagreements many advantages that are exclusive to commercial disputes.  Many attorneys have sought the assistance of a disputes mediator in Florida to successfully mediate various types of business disagreements. Whether a business is small or... Read More

Selecting a Commercial Mediator in Broward County

Mediation has become a popular alternative to courtroom litigation in many different types of commercial disputes in Florida.  As an attorney, when you and opposing counsel decide that mediation is the best step to take in your case, how do you select a mediator? Of course, the first step you should take is to ask other attorneys in your professional circles who they would recommend as a commercial mediator in Broward County.  Be sure to explain the facts of the case so that your colleagues are fully informed as to the nature of the dispute before they make a recommendation. ... Read More

Business Divorces

Business divorces are necessary when the parties that own a business decide to part ways, often because a dispute has arisen. There are a variety of ways to end a business relationship, but the owners often disagree on what solution is the best alternative. Dissolutions, accountings, shareholder derivative actions, and limited liability company lawsuits are a few examples of how business relationships may come to an end. Instead of spending years fighting over the end of the business relationship in court, the parties may elect to use alternative methods of dispute resolution. Mediation is an excellent resource for resolving business... Read More

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes come in many shapes and sizes. These disputes arise in many different areas of law, such as construction law and business law. They occur between both individuals and corporations. However, no matter what the nature of the dispute may be, contract disputes have been resolved with great success by using mediation. For parties whose relationship needs to remain as cordial as possible, mediation is an excellent solution for contract disputes. Since mediation brings the parties together to actively find solutions to their dispute, the parties’ relationship is typically preserved since the process is focused on a resolution rather... Read More