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Preparing Clients for a Commercial Business Mediator in Miami

For many clients, meeting with a commercial business mediator in Miami Florida is intimidating and stressful.  Mediation has become so prevalent in the practice of law that many attorneys underestimate how overwhelming the process can be for their clients.  By discussing the mediation process with your clients, as well as what to expect from a commercial business mediator in Miami Florida, your clients will feel much more at ease, allowing them to focus on settling their cases. First, be patient with your clients as you explain the ins and outs of commercial mediation.  Business disputes are often emotional as well,... Read More

Common Setbacks Florida Commercial/ Business Litigation Attorneys Face

As an attorney in Florida, you understand that litigation almost always takes longer than predicted, much to the frustration and disappointment of your clients. Florida commercial litigation attorneys also face some delays and setbacks during the representation of their clients. Whether your Florida practice is just beginning to accept commercial business litigation cases or whether you have significant experience in this area, taking note of these issues will strengthen your skills as a practicing attorney. Although commercial litigation is perceived by many attorneys as a relatively less emotional area of legal practice, the truth is, many of these cases are... Read More

Mediation and Florida Family Business Divorces

Experienced business attorneys in Florida know that business divorces are often emotionally draining for the parties involved. When a business divorce occurs in a family business, however, these business divorces can further escalate and become even more tense and hostile. As an attorney, how can you help your clients resolve their dispute as painlessly as possible? These cases are the type that are well suited to mediation: there are many emotions involved and the parties’ relationship needs to be preserved. Although the attorneys have explained the possible outcomes of taking a case to trial to their clients, some clients simply... Read More

How to Mediate Complex Business Disputes in Florida

Taking complex business disputes to trial can be quite a gamble. Such cases may be resolved in a variety of ways, depending on the judge and the members of the jury. Rather than risking an unfavorable ruling, many attorneys have turned to mediation to settle complex business disputes. Understanding how to mediate complex business disputes in Florida is essential to a successful session. Keeping a few points in mind as you prepare for mediation will increase your odds of settlement. First, you should be very careful in selecting a mediator. Although you and opposing counsel must agree on a mediator,... Read More

The Benefits of Mediating Business Disputes in Florida

Most attorneys are familiar with the major benefits of mediation for their clients: it is cheaper than a trial, it is a more efficient means of resolving the case, it often settles the case much more quickly, and it is much less stressful for both the parties and the attorneys.  Most clients will welcome any opportunity to avoid a courtroom trial. However, mediation offers business disagreements many advantages that are exclusive to commercial disputes.  Many attorneys have sought the assistance of a disputes mediator in Florida to successfully mediate various types of business disagreements. Whether a business is small or... Read More