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Business Divorces

Business divorces are necessary when the parties that own a business decide to part ways, often because a dispute has arisen. There are a variety of ways to end a business relationship, but the owners often disagree on what solution is the best alternative. Dissolutions, accountings, shareholder derivative actions, and limited liability company lawsuits are a few examples of how business relationships may come to an end. Instead of spending years fighting over the end of the business relationship in court, the parties may elect to use alternative methods of dispute resolution. Mediation is an excellent resource for resolving business... Read More

Choosing a Mediator For Your International Business Dispute

Being involved in a business dispute can be frustrating and highly complex, but thinking about the best way to resolve the dispute is sometimes less difficult. As an attorney representing a business or lender in Broward County, you may want to move forward with a legal dispute, but know that there may be additional obstacles when you are working with companies outside the United States. Thanks to the increasing success of alternative dispute resolution, however, you may have the opportunity to resolve your conflict in an informal neutral forum known as mediation. Choosing a mediator to handle your international business... Read More

Business Dissolution in Miami

No one launches a business as a temporary activity; the goal is always to build and grow and open up the market. Growth is the keystone of any business plan, and sometimes the hardest part about business dissolution in Miami and elsewhere in Florida is the initial decision to close. Admitting that a business has failed can be psychologically difficult. This often means that by the time your client comes to you for assistance in a tumultuous or hostile business dissolution in Miami, the relationship between them and their partners, investors, or creditors is already severely strained. Mediation is frequently... Read More