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Improving Client Relations with Foreclosure Mediation in Miami

Losing a home to foreclosure is devastating and embarrassing for many homeowners.  Attorneys that represent these clients must not only inform them of their legal rights throughout this difficult process, but also must remain sensitive to the fact that these clients are possibly losing their homes.  Foreclosure mediation in Miami Florida allows these clients to resolve their cases quickly while saving money.  In some cases, foreclosure is completely avoided.  When you suggest foreclosure mediation in Miami Florida, your clients will benefit and they will reward you with many referrals. Foreclosure mediation allows your clients to stay in their homes while... Read More

The Benefits of Mediation for Foreclosure Case Lawyers and Clients in Miami

Foreclosure cases are often stressful and emotional. Lawyers who handle foreclosure cases in Miami, whether they represent the lender or the property owner, know that these cases can also be difficult for the parties involved. Instead of using traditional methods of resolving foreclosure cases, many Miami attorneys have used mediation with greater success. The first benefit that mediation offers in foreclosure cases is the reduced expense for all parties involved. Even if the lender is a bank worth billions of dollars, cutting costs wherever possible is always an advantage. If your clients are homeowners in financial trouble, they will be... Read More

Mediating a Foreclosure Case in Miami

Most Florida foreclosure cases follow the same timeline: a homeowner misses several mortgage payments, the bank waits until that homeowner is at least 120 days behind on payments to initiate the foreclosure process, a court case is filed, and the formal foreclosure proceedings begin.  These cases are notoriously slow; it can sometimes take two and a half years to finalize a foreclosure case in Florida. Many attorneys who handle foreclosure cases in Miami have begun taking more of these cases to a mediator.  A high percentage of foreclosure cases actually settle at mediation.  The mediator helps the mortgage lender and... Read More

Will Mediation Stop My Client’s Foreclosure?

A client can easily become consumed with fears over losing their Miami home to foreclosure. If you’ve spent any time researching how to move forward with the case, you’re likely wondering whether mediation can help stop their Miami foreclosure. The good news is that many people have been able to use mediation to stop the foreclosure of their home, and mediation tends to help people reach an agreement with the lender sooner rather than later. As foreclosure conversations become more serious, it’s a good idea to attempt to resolve outstanding issues before it becomes too late. That’s where you might... Read More