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Effective Mediation Advocacy Tips

What do your clients hope to achieve at mediation? Economic or other form of JUSTICE. A MONEY settlement – pay minimum or receive maximum amount. CLOSURE – an end to litigation expense, uncertainty, risk, worry, and distraction from more productive pursuits. An APOLOGY – sometimes delivering an apology can pave the way to achieving a settlement. TERMINATION of a relationship – dissolution of a marriage, business partnership, or corporation. REPAIR of a relationship – usually a business relationship. VINDICATION of their conduct or position. EMOTIONAL SATISFACTION – having their “day in court” through simulation, being heard and understood by the... Read More

Using a Disputes Mediator in Florida to Strengthen Your Case

Although the goal of mediation is settlement, you should pay careful attention to your mediator during your session in case a settlement is not reached. Should your case go to trial, you will be better prepared if you are proactive during mediation. Many attorneys have used cues from disputes mediators in Florida to strengthen their court cases. Disputes mediators in Florida are beneficial not only for reaching settlement agreements, but also for perfecting one’s arguments for court. During mediation, the disputes mediator will discuss your case’s strong points, as well as its weak points. You should take detailed notes during... Read More

Selecting a Disputes Mediator for your Florida Case

Mediation is a pivotal point in your clients’ cases, no matter what type of disputes there may be. Since the goal of mediation is settlement, your clients are presented with the opportunity to participate in determining how their cases are to be resolved, a luxury that trial courts cannot afford them. In Florida, the ability of the disputes mediator selected to conduct the mediation will often make the difference between settling the case and declaring an impasse. There are a multitude of disputes mediators in Florida, but keeping a few points in mind will help you narrow your selection and... Read More

Explaining to Particularly Stubborn Clients the Advantages of Using a Florida Disputes Mediator

Every so often, an attorney has a client who simply refuses to even consider settling a case. Perhaps the client is concerned that he will be perceived as weak to the other party. Or, perhaps the client has been fighting for so long that there is no way he will change his mind. For a variety of reasons, it seems like these clients will never agree to a settlement. If you know that enlisting the services of a Florida disputes mediator is the best solution for a case, it may be difficult to convince your client that mediation should be... Read More