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Your Mediator Can Help You Make Your Offer Attractive to the Other Side

Each party to a settlement gives value to the other. Often this value consists of more than simply delivering a check, trading releases, and dismissing claims. For example, settlement terms may also include payments over time, payments in kind or in services, default remedies, indemnities, asymmetrical consideration, and non monetary covenants. An experienced mediator knows how to package the value your client is willing to offer or accept in a way that the offeree will find attractive, and, as the mediation process unfolds, the mediator will gain specific insights as to what each party needs and values most. So call... Read More

Looking for Bankruptcy Protection for Your Business? Here are the Things You Need to Know

Nobody enters the decision to file bankruptcy lightly. Filing bankruptcy can have long-term consequences for a business and creditors may be worried about whether they will receive payment for unpaid debts. Bankruptcy mediation can provide much-needed relief to businesses that are struggling financially during this difficult time. Here are the essential things you should know about Chapter 11 bankruptcy: You Can Continue Operating Your Business After a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing One of the most important aspects of filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection is that you can continue to run your business while your case is pending. Judgment creditors... Read More

Benefits of Working with a Ft. Lauderdale Business Mediator

If you are involved in a Ft. Lauderdale business dispute, mediation could be the key to resolving the matter as efficiently as possible. Mediation provides benefits in a variety of legal matters, but it is especially useful when it comes to business disputes. Business professionals face legal issues all the time. Unfortunately, these matters take time, money, and other resources. These are resources that would be better spent elsewhere. Resolving legal issues as quickly as possible is essential to success. Mediation offers a tool for settling business disputes in the best possible way. It not only saves time and money,... Read More

How Business Mediation Can Help You Navigate the Coronavirus Outbreak

Navigating the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. This is especially true for those involved in business disputes or dealing with legal challenges, in general. The virus has been an unprecedented disruption and those involved in legal matters have been forced to find new ways of dealing with their situations. One of the most effective tools during this time has been business mediation. How can business mediation help you navigate the COVID-19 outbreak and how is mediation different now than it was a few months ago? Generally, there are five factors to consider when it comes to conducting... Read More

5 Ways to Avoid and Resolve Partnership Disputes

A partnership is a great business opportunity.  It means you will have twice as much support behind the business than you would in a sole proprietorship, but you will still enjoy all of the benefits of a smaller company.  But even though only two people will be at the helm, making it easier to move forward with decisions and compromise on ideas, disputes can still arise. What are five ways you can avoid and resolve business partnership disputes efficiently and effectively? Create a Detailed Written Agreement One of the first things you should do when you decide to launch a... Read More