Miami Bankruptcy Mediator

Experienced Miami Bankruptcy Mediator Helps You Resolve Your Dispute for Less Time and Money.  Bankruptcy mediation promotes equitable resolutions and peaceful settlements that help you save time and money. An experienced Miami bankruptcy mediator like Francis L. Carter, P.A. is a neutral third-party who can help debtors and creditors resolve their disputes in an amicable and equitable manner.

Advantages of Bankruptcy Mediation

Some areas of the law particularly lend themselves to mediation, including conflicts that involve parties with an ongoing business relationship and that are encouraged toward settlement, which many bankruptcy cases squarely fall into.

Many bankruptcies involve a number of claims and creditors. The longer these parties are involved in the bankruptcy process, the more money is usually expended. Litigation costs can quickly eat up what little portion of the bankruptcy estate is left. Bankruptcy mediation can help claims get resolved faster. Additionally, expenses like discovery costs, trial preparation and motion practice charges may be avoided.

Additionally, bankruptcy mediation can expedite the proceedings. If an agreement is reached, it is brought for the judge’s approval in an uncontested manner, so it is much easier and faster to get judicial approval.

Bankruptcy mediation also provides peace of mind of knowing the final terms of the bankruptcy and putting an end to claims. Debtors in financial distress can start rebuilding their financial futures and many creditors are able to walk away with a larger portion of the owed funds than they otherwise would have obtained.

Bankruptcy mediation also provides the following benefits:

  • A private and confidential forum
  • Encouragement to settle claims
  • A focus on everyone’s interests
  • A way to preserve an ongoing relationship, if desired
  • A way to overcome an impasse when other settlement negotiations have not been successful
  • Creative options to resolve conflict

What to Expect in Bankruptcy Mediation

Bankruptcy mediation can be used to resolve legal disputes on an ad hoc basis to address a single claim or issue or in a comprehensive manner to address the overall bankruptcy plan. Typically, a representative representing each party is present at mediation. The bankruptcy mediator describes his or her role as a neutral mediator and establishes the ground rules for the mediation process.
The mediator walks the parties through the mediation process so that claims can be resolved in an orderly and efficient way. He uses special conflict resolution skills to identify the interests of the parties and facilitate communication between them. This often encourages the parties to reach an amicable solution that is then presented to the court for approval.

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