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Mediating Multi-Party Contract Disputes in Miami Florida

Contract disputes in Miami Florida often involve several parties, making these disagreements complicated and lengthy in nature.  Each party has its own arguments, theories, and evidence that must be carefully examined and analyzed by all attorneys in the case.  Attorneys who handle contract disputes in Miami Florida must often spend hours sifting through such documents as they prepare for hearings and trials. Although there are many parties to these disputes, mediation is still a viable option to resolve them. As with any mediation, the choice of mediator makes a tremendous difference in the outcome of the session.  Although many mediators... Read More

Successfully Mediating Contract Disputes

Contract disputes can involve however many parties are involved in a transaction, whether it is a deal among Fortune 500 companies or a simple agreement between two individuals. In most cases, contract disputes will lend themselves nicely to mediation, which will significantly increase the chances of settling the dispute. Mediation gives the parties a broader range of possibilities than a court can provide for resolving their dispute and can be tailored to meet the particular needs of all parties. To successfully mediate contract disputes in Miami Florida, you must ensure that every party and attorney has an understanding of the... Read More